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Best way to tackle a R&R on my JD170's 38inch single stage blower?

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I picked up a second JD170 that came with a full blower setup.

The blower looks like it is in overall good condition. I will have to post pictures later.

The PO was using it on a gravel driveway, so there is some rust on the bottom of the housing, and behind the auger where it picked up rocks.

What is the best way to restore this unit.

There isn't so much rust that I think metal work and welding will be needed.

I was thinking it would work best to disassemble, and use angle grinder and a heavy wire wheel cup to go at it.

Would it be a worthwhile investment to use body filer to smooth out the auger housing and the inside of the chute?

Also any recommendations for durable paint. I don't mind paying a little more per can if it gives me a more durable finish.

Thanks! :trink39:
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I think it is a good idea to go over them every couple of years to stop the rust from going deep into the steel. In between years I remove the striker plate, blade, and chute and clean them (and the housing) and then repaint as a touch-up!

On the chute this year I'm trying fiberglass resin to smooth it, I'll post after the winter is over to let everyone know how it worked. It came out really smooth!

I used Valspar JD matched paint to paint mine (in my avatar).
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Any suggestions on paint, and maybe filer to smooth out some of the rough spots.

I figure smoothing the chute would have the best payoff of my time.

You can check out what I have done so far, but I am no EXPERT ! just stumbling along.
I doubt yours is as bad as mine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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