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Best Seat in the Business

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I have been thinning the heard lately and have scrapped a few murrays that have seen better days. Missing a lot of metal from the front of the deck, just wore out. I am down to two now, an 18hp square nose, and an 18/42 just like the one in the duals thread, (I got the hitch but no duals). Anyway I was saving a few good parts and I noticed that every Murray I had still sports a non-cracked useabe seat. These tractors have lived outside too some of the worst weren't even covered. Anyone know who made their seats and if they are still in business?
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I kind of assume they were made by Michigan seat, but I am not sure. You are right though, you would be hard pressed to find a cracked/ripped etc Murray seat.
Totally agree - just not many of the later years ever cracked but the early to late 80's did have cracking issues.
I think they are more rubber than plastic.I've used'em on different types of mowers over the years,they do hold up better than anybody elses.May the guys over at the JD engineering dept.would like to look into that.:sidelaugh
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