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best paint matching ideas?

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Hey guys,

Tried some searching, including panmar marks site, couldn't find anything good on paint matching. GT 80 had a few good suggestions when i spoke to him, but iwould love to hear every ones ideas. mostly looking for off the shelf stuff, not special order. I am asking for my 67 suburban 10, ready for paint this weekend! But i would like to hear suggestions for all your models, as i plan on touching on my 18/6 and hopefully rescuing some more as i come across them. Tried uploading pics from my phone and failed, I'll update when i get on a computer
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I think u can get lowes or home depot to mix a metal paint to any of the paint chips on the shelf . Take some home and see what looks good
I should have specified, looking mostly for spray paint
Not positive about this Tim but I think Chevy orange in the spray cans is close to the 67 orange. I'd use some good spray can primer first though. Sometimes called 'etching primer". Also called "non sanding primer" too
Some guys have used Krylon pumpkin orange.
As many as James has done he should know
Chevy orange is closest to original-if you can find it in a non engine enamel, you could use that... Pumpkin orange is what I would use because it comes in Rustoleum
Chevy orange is closest to original-if you can find it in a non engine enamel, you could use that... Pumpkin orange is what I would use because it comes in Rustoleum
Gonna go with the James recommendation this time, hasn't steered me wrong yet! I'm gonna bookmark this thread for future reference, please let me know whet you guys use for your whites, 70's gold and off white, and any others you like
The closest gold and off white I have seen (and I am totally ripping off Small Fry) is Equipment Yellow, and IH white. Valspar spray cans from Tractor supply. I redid my first 18/6 in old Cat yellow, and Almond- this is how it looked when done:

It looked really nice, just not original
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I found this somewhere and saved it to a Word document - not spray cans, but another option at least.
I think the last paragraph was from Tractor-Holic.

Crap. 30 kB is too large to attach. I'll try a cut and paste.

DuPont Paint Codes from the Fleet Selection Guide
For Sears & Massey Ferguson Lawn & Garden Tractors

Massey Ferguson Red
Flame Red

Sears Semi-Commercial White

Sears GT Silver
Smoke Gray Metallic

Massey Ferguson Dark Silver
Beige Metallic

Sears Suburban White

Sears Semi-Commercial Gray

Massey Ferguson Light Silver
Platinum Metallic

Sears Suburban Yellow
Harvest Gold

Sears Custom Red

Well, I looked thru my paint can collection and discovered the color I used on my SS-12 was in fact a GM color! (got it mixed up with another Chrysler color I'd used on the Caravan)...the Dupli-Color # is DS-GM302... it’s a light blue metallic, kind of looks silvery in certain lighting conditions...I don’t know what the GM paint code was for that color, that info isn't on my cans label, but I am sure if you looked in the Dupli-Color catalog at a display in a store you can find it by looking to see what the DS-GM302 color lines up with...
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I am pretty sure I have the same paint. Also pretty sure the code is from mid 80's trucks. I had a Suburban that was light blue metallic.
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