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berco universal snow blower

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Anyone thinking about mounting a Berco universal snow blower on their Case? There is a guy in Wisconsin selling them for $650. Just go to Craigslist Milwaukee and type berco in the search window. I think this is a great deal!
Of course, if you already have a Case snowcaster, you have the best!! Just thought I'd share this. Happy New Year!! Jack
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I have a snowcaster and must say it is ok. I currently have a contract t plow a mid size lot and have been looking at the berco i got a quote of 1600.00 so 600 or so would be half or more off. I know they will work and have distances of over 60ft or more.
that guy is me :) great blowers burning through them like hot cakes... I can barley keep up with demand right now.
How many GPM to run one of those that you have HotRod?
that guy is me :) great blowers burning through them like hot cakes... I can barley keep up with demand right now.
Hey, Hotrod, is it any problem getting the proper sub-frame for the Berco to fit on a Case? Remember reading on one of the boards that it was hard to get for the older models??
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These are belt drive so no idea how much GPM, but if you mean RPM I think your safe anywhere from 1,000 to 4,000.

most handy folk have been able to use the hitches I have and make them work. Few guys bought a subframe form theirs and it was around $500 new.
I am not expereienced at fitting to other models. I put my effort into making them fit the Simplicity sovereigns as that is the model I have. I am sure with basic skills one could make these work as is and spend no extra $$$. I saw a youtube video of a berco on a case, and the blower was near same as mine.
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I may have missed something in this post. Are you the gentleman selling them for $600 or $1600. If you are $600 then I would like to talk to you. Can you simply cut the frame off a snow caster and weld it on the berco. let me know thanks josh.
Yes I am the guy in WI selling berco blowers for $650. I have had guys modify these to fit many machines. I am not a case guy. I bet you would not have to cut the snow caster frame to make this work. Just bolt to your machine easy part, getting belt to the blower is only trouble in my opionion. The pulley on these is pulley grove vertical. Other types are pulley grove horizontal like the ariens units.
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Ok I understand the pulley situation. So can you tell me the approx cost for the unit as I would need it ready to bolt on. We can talk shipping later.
My mistake Hotrod- that pic from the ebay site at first glance looked like hoses to me, not a belt LOL. RPM's it is then. :eek:
just check ebay. Shipping is very expensive around $200 I guess. Have not shipped one yet as they are selling so fast local I can barley keep u.
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