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any way to bench test a 6 volt round coil to see if its good? thanks .....Chris.....

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sure.. put it on the tractor and spin over and see if ya got spark.

nutter' way.

need 6v battery, coil, condensor, gator clip wires, house lamp switch, or other insulated toggle switch, spark plug, spark plug wire.

hook bat hot to one side of coil, hook other side of coil to switch, hook other side of switch to bat ground. ( make sure switch is open ).

hook condensor across swich contacts.

put spark plug wire in coil tower, and attach spark plug to other side of wire.

use gator clip to jumper threaded base of spark plug to bat ground.

now, close switch, then re-open.. spark plug should spark.

your switch is the 'points'.... every time you close the switch then re-open, spark should happen.

not super scientific like an engine analyzer.. however will show you what she will do in an engine application.. old weak coils that have damaged insulation will throw a weaker spark.

you can 'load' test this by leaving the switch closed about a minute to let the coil heat up, then test her.. if she looses spark.. she's thermlly breaking down...

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