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Belt tension and routing Deutz Allis/Simplicity 612h

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I would be grateful for anyone’s assistance.

I am I the process of replacing both belts on the above mentioned tractor, 36 in deck.

I have the manual, and the belt routing diagram, but It denotes several “90 degree bends” In the drive belt, but has no photos and it doesn’t seem to have the right tension.

I’m sure it is quite simple- but I can’t seem to figure it out.

If anyone has detailed photos of a properly routed belt, it would be much appreciated.

As for the deck belt, I had replaced it first, but the blades slow down significantly and almost stop once it actually hits grass.

I think this is probably a belt tension issue, but as far as I can figure, I have the maximum tension applied and it’s still doing it.

I must be doing something incorrectly, but I can’t seem to figure out what.

As long as I’m here- I also am having a problem where it won’t start with the key, but it will shut off.

Have been starting it by arcing the 2 bolts on the solenoid under the seat with a screwdriver.

Trying to remove the cowl so I can get a look at the wires- but I can’t seem to do that either.

Got all the bolts/screws removed but I can’t figure out how to get the steering wheel off, which seems to be the next necessary step.

I would much appreciate hearing from someone smarter and more experienced than myself.

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Hi Beatlebob32 and
I am sending you a PM.......just click on the three dots at upper right , and then "conversations" to read it
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Greetings Beatlebob32! Glad you stopped in and joined up. Think you will enjoy your visits here.

I am pretty sure you'll get the answers you need.

See your are working with @MARK (LI) . He is very well versed with issues you describe with your solenoid. Actually, by being under the seat, it's in a great location to troubleshoot and repair.

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