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Belt or transmission slipping.

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I have two MTD's doing the same thing. The belt or the Variable part of the Transmission is slipping.
Both have new belts. The slip in Low gears when I start up a hill or try to operate in the low gears with a load.
If I run the throttle up and shift up to Hi, it'l take off slowly.

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One is a 13AM675G062 (yard man) and the other is a 13A747G062 (don't know)

The Yard man still mows, but the other is just a Handy andy to pull stuff with etc.

Maybe there is a "test and adjustments" sequence to fix this problem?
Or maybe my Pully is not moving up n' down on the sliding shaft.
Anybody have anything to help me with in the way of knowledge.
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If you notice nobody gonna answer your post, Because everyone knows how big of a pain they are! :D
Few words of advice:
Test and adjust
Only adjust one part at a time.
and pay more attention to the front belt than the rear belt.
Good luck -RAYBOY:fing32:
You have two doing the same thing and both with new belts.

Did the problem occur when you changed the belts, or did you change the belts, hoping to fix the problem?

If it has occurred since changing the belts, I would question where you got the belts (are they OEM), and whether you routed them correctly. Finally, if you changed them at the same time, could you have mixed them up? Some use a different front and rear belt, some use the same belt front and rear.

The sheave pulley could be sticking (center portion not sliding freely). You could also have stuck tensioner/idler pulleys, or weak tensioner springs.

Here's a link to the manual for the first one, complete with speed control adjustment.

And the second one:
Deputy Dogg, I just cant remember all the details.

The one with no mower was a Hurricane survivor and the first mower I ever bought in my whole life.
The Deck treated me so badly I took it off and threw it in the Salvage load. Bummer of a mistake looking back. It was probably fixable with the kind of help I get from this board.

Eventually I had that sliding pulley stuff out of there trying to see why the tractor might be slipping.

I didn't find anything though. Nothing stood out anyway. I made sure the pulley would slide up n down. The Belt shivs were dry etc. Everything else had a drip of motor oil on it. (I dont know the correct way to lube that sliding shiv! I hope that's in the T&A's)

Nothing changed. I bought a new belt for the rear. Still it slipped. So I got a new Front belt. That made it better, but within days it was slipping again.
I quit fixing at it and just used it.

The poor old thing has Start solenoid troubles, ground Troubles.
I pulled the motor and wire brushed all the "Pads" on the motor and the Frame. Used conductive grease and still had the problem.
Did the same with the Battery ground cable.

Still the Salt water had corroded everything. I ran a separate ground wire from the engine to the Start Solenoid. Sill the same.
Jumperd a wire from the switch to the Solenoid, same thing.
Took the solenoid apart and refreshed the terminals. Still just clicks sometimes. Ign Switch may not be carrying enough current across the Start Sol terminals.
But now, battery cable from Pos to the Starter stud makes it spin over good. Apparently I have the Motor/start sol/Battery ground fixed.
It beat me. Working on it too much and getting nowhere.
I hope this slipping is not going to be the same kinda thing.

On the newer one, it was kinda wrecked too. But it works. The slipping started long after I was using it. I put a new front belt on. Worked better for awhile but still slipping.
The mower belts slips, and the Drive (transmission) slips. You gotta be Hauling and cutting short grass with that mower.

Hopefully the T&A's will help out somewhat. Thanks for those links.
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