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So the deck drive belt parted on me in the middle of mowing on Sunday. My fault entirely. I stopped the blades to get up and load some debris into the cart and when I did I was in a particulatly tall part of the field. When I pulled the PTO switch one of the blades was jammed and snap went the belt. So I mosey on down to the sears parts center in town and they do not have the part but the sears store does...for $50...

So I buy it reluctantly, and I am going to find either an aftermarket or OEM, but for less than $50. So far about $29.99 is the best that I have found.

The sears part number is 196103. Its a 54" deck belt of a 2007 DGS 6500.

If anyone knows of a good alternative please let me know. I dont need the mower for a week or so as I did get the yard cut, just not the field.


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take the belt to any autozone , advance, pep boys , napa , my 92 " belt cost me 19.00 .


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There are cheaper alternatives,but remember not all V-belts are created equal...sometimes you NEED the Kevlar ones,if you want them to last more than a few mowings..though you may find a "fractional HP" type belt for at least half price,it'll not last long if used with an idler pulley type clutch..

But Sears probably IS overpriced..try a Lowes if there is one nearby,they sell many Craftsman/Huskvarna belts for about 25-35 bucks depending on the size..they sell good quality OEM Kevlar can likely save money by buying a Gates or Dayco belt at an auto parts store,but the ones to get are the Gates "Green Stripe" or Dayco "GPL" Lawn & Garden belts,or their "Super Blue Ribbon" ones can also be used..some "industrial" belts with "A" or "B" numbers seem to hold up well also,despite not having Kevlar cords..they use a different numbering system..

"A" = 1/2 wide ,(like a "4L" belt is)--and the "size" is 2" longer than the an example,an "A90" belt is 1/2x 92" long..

"B" = 5/8" wide ,(like a "5L" belt) -- and the size is 3" longer--so an "A50" would be 5/8 x 53" long..
industrial belts are a bit "taller" also,but that doesn't usually cause any troubles..

I'm cheap and hate blowing 30 bucks on one stupid V-belt,so I keep my eyes peeled at flea markets and swap meets,sometimes you strike gold and find someone selling a huge pile of belts for dirt cheap,so I keep a list of the sizes in my wallet--I found many recently for one dollar each,but they were industrial belts,so they wont hold up as long as Kevlar,but I can deal with that for a buck each..
..but if you must pay say,15 bucks for a non kevlar belt,and it only lasts half as long or less than the Kevlar one does,you aint saving nothing really..if the tractor is a real hard one to put a belt on,I bite the bullet,and buy the Kevlar belts..
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