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Been a while

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Between work, the new house and the garden things have been busy around here. The BX is still chugging along. I am coming up on my 200 hr service but I should make it to August. I ran into a couple minor issues.... first the hazard lights button is stuck. I messed around with it a little thinking I could unjam it somehow but I was in the middle of mowing ahead of yet another rain so I ended up just disconnecting the switch. I sprayed a little pb blaster on it the other day so hopefully that will loosen things up. The other problem is the way the holes for the pins on the rops. On one side it is not lining up very well. I can get the pin in but I kind of have to wiggle the rops back and forth until it slides in. Then the other day I caught a small branch and it tore the wiring out of my rear facing light I mounted on the the rops. Somehow that tiny branch not only pulled the wiring out it also bent the bracket I had made for it. I pulled it apart and soldered it all back together and it's all good again. All pretty minor stuff, and don't get me wrong I still love my bx, but still annoying. Oh and I also noticed that one of the nuts that held the right handle on had fallen off at some point.
I have noticed that the three point arms tend to drop fairly quickly without more than the quick hitch on it. I understand that the hydraulics will bleed down eventually but I can leave the FEL up and it will stay in place for hours at least. Where as I can raise the three point hitch up to the top while mowing at max height and I have to hit the handle every couple of minutes to keep it up. Should it be dropping this quickly?

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