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We are now offering MTF site supporter options. The cost is 20.00 per year.
If you join, you get access to the supporter forum, double the private message total to 50, plus 2 meg of space in the MTF Photo gallery...
and you get the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting a great forum.

A Guest gets all of the Ads and the "Todays Posts". The software recognizes his status as a Guest. The Ads help pay the bills.

A Registered Member gets less Ads than a Guest. (again helps pay the bills) When he logs in, the software recognizes him as a Registered Member and opens up the "New Posts" feature to show him what posts have been made since his last log-in. ( if you immediately log off/in, this feature will cancel the amount of "New Posts".)

A Site Supporter (already help pay the bills) now the software recognizes you a little different. You get a lot less Ads, more picture storage space, more Private Message space and Club MTF Forum. Your "New Post" button works the same as a Registered Member.

I hope I explained this clearly..:trink39:

Look in your User CP for the subscription option or click here:

Users who wish to pay by checks make them payable to:


111 Peter Street, Suite 700
Toronto Ontario
M5V 2H1

Please also put a note in with the check that indicates your payment is for membership in Mytractorforum, and has your username and email address.

Note: The Supporter option uses Paypal.
PM or Email [email protected] if you have any questions.. Thanks
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Not open for further replies.