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BatteryGenius Reprise with Solution!

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This company used to be all hard drives and enclosures only. This year they started with battery accessories. NOW they're offering this on sale. With my personal economy in the toilet it's not really a sale for me but when I can I'm going to at least look into it.

If you've got more than a couple of expensive batts laying around for the winter I'd give this a cold hard look. It's four maintainers and off ONE plug. Now THAT's what I was talkin' 'bout willis :thThumbsU

NO I don't work for them or have any financial connection - I just thought you'd be interested
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A real battery Tender brand four battery charger is cheaper.

Most of us who ride motorcycles are pretty familiar with the Battery Tender brand, and love them.
My vote goes to battery tender also!

+1 on the Battery Tender plus they are made in Florida. Americans making American products. :)
What I do is use 1 battery tender and swap it between 2 batteries. :p I switch them the first of each month.
Glad you brought this up I forgot to pull my tractor battery. It's been warm here so far.
Another vote for Battery Tender. They are made in my home town!!! :thThumbsU

Just get a few extra of the battery leads and it's an easy plug in. I'm highly considering the multibank charger as I am up to 4 tractors and 2 vehicles that sit for extended lengths of time. They even make a 10 bank charger of you really have a lot of things to keep charged.:fing32:
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Maintaining batteries through the Winter months has always been a problem for me. Especially in my motor home/camper. If I leave it plugged in all Winter the batteries will boil dry (even though it's not supposed to). I solved this problem by using a plug-in timer that turns on the charger once a day for a couple of hours then off the rest of the day. On my tractor, mower, geneset, I try to remember to charge them once a month, or so, to keep them fresh. A battery Switch or disconnecting them will stop those tiny drains that seem to be there even with the ignition switch off.

Much cheaper than a battery minder system, but requires more attention.
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on stuff that is not used much i check the voltage, when it drops to 70-80% i charge them up at a low amp rate.
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