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Battery tender use

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Does anybody out there use a battery tender? Just tried to start the tractor and the battery was dead. I'll take any battery recommendations for my BX1500 as well. Merry Christmas too all!
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Battery Tenders are somewhat pricey for the defect rate we see from selling them over the years. If you get a good one great but read directions.

I use a 10 amp auto type from shumacher that I use to bring low charge batteries up to full.

Then I use a cheap 1.5 amp schumacher auto charger for occassional maintenance in my boat. At our business we've adapted this same model to provide bank charger power for up to 8 motorcycle and lawn batteries after they've been activated from dry state.

The best thing about Battery Tender is the optional detachable leads with hoops and clamps ends that can be interchanged on their chargers.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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