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Battery tender use

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Does anybody out there use a battery tender? Just tried to start the tractor and the battery was dead. I'll take any battery recommendations for my BX1500 as well. Merry Christmas too all!
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Yep them battery tenders works realllllllly goods. Many years ago I was way up north, and a car would would not start. So we had a starting unit on a tow truck and i hooked up the jumper cables and told the guy to give it the juice Bruce. And I did not know the battery was frozen, And there I was looking at a bomb to go off. And bang it was like a hand grenade. Frozen battery went everywhere in 1000 pieces hitting me in the face. Well let me tell you that did not help my good looks at all. So after that I do not really like battery's to much cuzz I know what they can do to you. Man that heart like ****.:crybaby:
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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