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Battery tender use

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Does anybody out there use a battery tender? Just tried to start the tractor and the battery was dead. I'll take any battery recommendations for my BX1500 as well. Merry Christmas too all!
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Only a couple of bazillion of us. I favor the genuine Battery Tender brand.

For replacement batteries, I like Odyssey, but they are a little pricey.
I use four of them (3 craftsmans, & one odd ball). Love them.
That's what I figured. I should have my Battery Tender here tomorrow. I use one on the motorcycle so I figured it would be good for the tractor.
I had one blowup a battery.
Has anyone else have any problems ?
I keep one on my atv and one on my tractor. They work great :fing32:
I have one on two of my wreckers, I also wired the tender and block heater together. I only have to plug in on the original block heater conection.
No problems in the last three years.
I had one blowup a battery.
Has anyone else have any problems ?
A real Battery Tender?
Don't count on a "battery tender" to charge a low or discharged battery. They are only designed to keep a charged battery up and not re-charge one. I've got 2 "Battery Minders" w/desulphiting and I guess they work. I don't use any meters on the batteries but I haven't had any low battery problems with them. I only use mine during the really slow use periods in winter low temps and never in the summer...
A real Battery Tender?
Yep... It was on my Gen-set. I need to take pictures.
Pieces of battery are everywhere.
Battery Tenders are somewhat pricey for the defect rate we see from selling them over the years. If you get a good one great but read directions.

I use a 10 amp auto type from shumacher that I use to bring low charge batteries up to full.

Then I use a cheap 1.5 amp schumacher auto charger for occassional maintenance in my boat. At our business we've adapted this same model to provide bank charger power for up to 8 motorcycle and lawn batteries after they've been activated from dry state.

The best thing about Battery Tender is the optional detachable leads with hoops and clamps ends that can be interchanged on their chargers.
Yep them battery tenders works realllllllly goods. Many years ago I was way up north, and a car would would not start. So we had a starting unit on a tow truck and i hooked up the jumper cables and told the guy to give it the juice Bruce. And I did not know the battery was frozen, And there I was looking at a bomb to go off. And bang it was like a hand grenade. Frozen battery went everywhere in 1000 pieces hitting me in the face. Well let me tell you that did not help my good looks at all. So after that I do not really like battery's to much cuzz I know what they can do to you. Man that heart like ****.:crybaby:
I've used a battery tender for years on my motorcycle without problems. Turns out my battery is fine but the tractor isn't used much during the winter. So I thought the tender might be the best thing to preserve my battery and ensure it will start when I need it to. I have heard of people having motorcycle batteries last over 10 years using a battery tender. I did see the Schumachers but wasn't sure about their performance.
I've heard of the older ones "poofing" out around 10 years (the age of mine). I've also heard the newer ones poof out a lot quicker and some have blown batteries and caused fires.

A guy down the street lost his garage (and everything in it) when his Battery tender and/or the batter started a fire while charging an ATV.

I have since switched to the CTEK model as it's a lot newer design. I still use my old tender, but I don't leave it on for extended periods.
I have an on-board battery charger permanently installed on the BX, and all my other vehicles. I think they are a schumaker brand. they have been super reliable. I use them with block heater and oil pan pad because of the extreme cold we get. My extra work lights drain down the battery this time of year, 3.5 hours of sunlight today, the shortest day of the year.
I've used the little cheap ones from Harbor Freight for several years with good results. I think they cost $7-$8/ea. I use them on my Mule & garden tractors, mostly w/car batteries. ~~ grnspot
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