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Battery Specs for L120

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My L120 runs fine, but the batteries I have been buying last way less than 2 years. I want to try a different brand. The only spec I found was BCI Group U1 12 volt 15 amp charging. Batteries I am looking at are U1, but the cold cranking amps vary.. Anyone know the correct amp, or can I use the higher cold crank rating? My L120 has the 20 horse 2 cylinder Briggs engine.
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You can use any U1 battery. The higher the amperage, the more it will deliver and supposedly the better the battery. The big point is it usually costs more because you're paying for the extra lead and/or engineering. The L120 is a 12 volt system, so you COULD put ANY 12 volt battery in there and you'd be fine. The battery tray, however, is designed to fit a U1 form factor without modifying the wiring. What you have to watch out for is that you get a U1 and not a U1R, which has the terminals reversed. In the L120 the positive terminal is on the right (viewed from the drivers seat) when the terminals are toward the front. The U1R group is reversed.

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I just bought a U1 from Walmart to replace the previous, which lasted over six years. It's for my L110 and is a 230 amp, about the cheapest you can get. I occasionally put it on my battery tender/charger. Not promoting them, just giving my results.
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