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The mower is a Mastercraft model 13AE678G515, serial 1D110I30093. The engine is a B&S 311777-0120-E1. There is no voltage regulator that I know of.

Voltage at the battery starts at about 14 volts and then over a couple of minutes creeps up over 17 volts. Voltages at the stator are 17.4VDC off the red w/diode tested to ground on the engine. The black wire is testing at 15.6 VAC. Is it odd that with the meter left on AC I register 37 VAC on the red? Should it register anything if it's meant to be DC?

So I have a dual circuit unregulated stator that I believe is outputting on the high side and it's cooking the battery. It's on the third now before we started this troubleshooting.

Any opinions about a fix? I'm wondering aside from actually replacing the stator if I could install a regulator to save pulling the flywheel? How would I wire that with 1 AC and 1 DC off my dual circuit?

Thanks in advance,
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