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Battery not holding charge

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Hello, It's been a while sence i been on here i need some help i have a JD L111 20 HP 406577 type 0139 E1 code 050323 YH family 5BSXS,7242VF i installed a new battery been working good for a few months took it out yesturday to snow blow had to shut it down to change a auger bolt would not start back up not even a click no head lights went out tonight to try it it started right up any help would be appreciated Thank You
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Assuming all contacts are properly tightned:

with the motor running at full throttle, check the voltage across the battery.

if you have 12.75 - 14.5 Vdc, then your battery is bad, replace

Lower than 12.75 Vdc your charging system is bad, start with voltage regulator- (NOTE: with this one, your battery still could be bad but you won't know unless you have a known good charging system)

My guess, bad battery...

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