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Battery light stays on

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Just wondering... I have a 1986 GT18 that the battery light stays lit all the time. I asked a mechanic why that is and he really wasn't sure other than it has to do with the engine cycle or something????

Today I was mowing and ran the thing out of gas, filled it back up and went to start it and it just clicked and didn't want to turn over. Waited about 15 minutes and it started up fine, but the light is still on.

Any reason why??? Does this tractor have an alternator?? The battery is only a year or two old.

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Get a digital meter and test the voltage with the key off.. It should be around 12V DC. With the engine running it should read 13-14V DC if the charging system is working.. :goodl:
My "Battery Discharging" light is on constantly. I just replaced a blown regulator on my tractor (917.254551), and have now verified that I have about 28V from the alternator. 12v at battery, and about 13-14v when running, so I know it's charging.

My Low Voltage Sensor Number: 109554X (Substitution: 127385X) must be bad, as when I pull the sensor out, the Battery Discharging light goes out.

Is it bad to run this thing without the low voltage sensor? Don't wanna drop $60 on something that just turns the light on when the battery gets low... lol
What kind/type of light bulb does this use?
Appreciated! :thanku:
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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