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Banking sound from hydraulic pump on 1630

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I have 1630 -79 with an eigthport hydraulic pump.
At idle RPMs are there a distinct banking noise from the hydrulic pump, when reaching 8-900 rpms, it ok.
When using a pressure gauge, the pressure varies a lot at idle, but steady at higher rpms.
Seemes like the hydraulic is working ok, there is enough oil, and oil was replaced the other year.
An old mechanic said it was a valve in the pumpe which made the noise.

I was thinking of an overhaul, replacing worn pistons, springs, valves and so on. The hourmeter read 6200 hours.
Any suggestions what to do?
What are the most likely valves to make this noise?


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I have 1630 -79 with an eigthport hydraulic pump.
At idle RPMs are there a distinct banking noise from the hydrulic pump

What are the most likely valves to make this noise?
I have no idea what a "banking" noise is. The Deere 8 piston pumps though, tend to hammer a lot when the stroke-control valve an seat gets worn. It happens more in the bigger USA pumps, 2.4 and 3 cubin inches. But to a lesser degree, also happens in the little German pump you've got.
When that vavle gets worn, the pump make a metalling rattling or hammering noise until you put a demand on it (like jiggling the steering wheel), or rev the engine up.

I thing there are a few things missing in that diagram you posted. The stroke-control valve and seat will be underneath and directly in-line with the big adjuster bolt and jam-nut. I don't see the adjuster in your diagram.

The stroke control valve and seat are numbers 14 and 15 in the diagram I attached.

You don't need to take the pump out to replace that valve. If you want to pull the pump anyway, a seal kit and maybe new piston springs is probably all you'll need.


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Re: Hammering/rattling sound from hydraulic pump on 1630

Thanks a lot! Sorry for my english, hammering or rattling are correct phrases yes!

Thats the problem valve, ok, I'll order new parts next week.
Its actually shown on my drawing as well I think (26-27) but it dosen't show where it goes into the pump. I think you got the numbers a little wrong, the seat is 11 and valve is 14, the guide (which don't need replacing?) is 15.

There were some parts missing in my drawing yes (from a part catalog from a local dealer in Norway), but I found the correct drawing on JD part catalog online now, where I can see the complete valve.

Thanks again, I'll let you know how it goes when I have replaced the seat & valve.
At last I found time to replace the parts, but I could not get seat out.
I assume it should go out the same way as the valve & spring, and I tried to knock it out carefully with a small hammer, but no.

Any suggestions?
The seat is driven out with a punch and hammer. Remove plug #1 and drive it from there. Getting the new one in is the tricky part if doing without removing the pump. You need to use a driver with diameter slightly smaller than the seat so the seat is not damaged. Do you have a pressure gauge to adjust pressure after installation? Pressure should be 2250 psi.
Yes, I removed Plug #1, but I didn't punch it hard, I'll try again.
I replaced the vavle yesterday (but not the seat), adusted to 155 bar (2250 psi), but the hammering noise was still there.
The old valve was not very worn, just a small "ring" where the valve meets the seat.
Don't know how the seat is though.
Have a pressure gauge yes, but I connect it to the connection on back of tractor, should be the same presssure there I think.

Could the noise come from the engine vavles?
I got the seat out ok, but was unable to get it back in, so I had to dismount the pump.
Then I found whats probably making this hammering sound; the drive shaft is damaged, the rubber dampeners are gone and only one of the two bolts which goes into the motor, are there.

New parts are ordered.
New parts for the driveshaft got mounted, and the pump is running smooth, no noise from the pump.

Thanks a lot for the help!
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