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Bad weekend for mowers!

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Well, as if losing out on that 14SB wasn't bad enough, I think my Toro just crapped-out on me as well. Tried to start it this morning, and I could hardly get the rope to budge! After pulling and pulling, I finally got it to pull-through, but no start. Pulled the plug and grounded it while pulling, more than enough spark, and the plug was wet. So, it's getting fuel and spark. Still needed to mow, so I grabbed my 10400 (which always starts) and did the job. Tried the Toro again, still nothing.

Seems like a compression test is the next step, but I don't have a gauge. I'll have to borrow one or something. Oil level is good, so I have no idea how it could have seized-up, unless it got too hot. I don't know how that could have happened, either. All cooling fins on the cylinder head are clean and unrestricted.

Any ideas?
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If the plug was wet and it was hard to pull through, you might have gas leaking into the piston and it is semi hydro-locking. I have a MTD that was doing that.
Is it a B&S 6.75HP by chance? I have a JD 603C that is hard to pull like that. I hate those B&S 6.75HP's.
Hmmm....might have been hydrolocked. When I was pulling the rope w/ the plug removed, it wasn't spitting-out gas. Might be a leaky needle & seat perhaps.

GC, it's a Suzuki motor. I've had no trouble pulling it until today.
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