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Bad Deck Vibration

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Guys, I went to mow a yard earlier and I have a bad deck vibration, pretty loud also. I brought mower back home after I finished that yard and greased spindles and check blade bolt tightness. All was good. Had my wife sit on mower and engage deck. I got down and looked over it pretty good. Nothing with wobble and all spindles are spinning freely. What else could it be???
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Does it sound like it's "pulsing"? My LA150 did that when I installed one of the blades upside down. It sounds like WUM WUM WUM WUM instead of the smooth sound and it was vibrating like it was about to break into pieces.
Take your belt shields off and see if anything has wedged in one of the pulleys. I had this happen on my 345 this year. Turned the deck off not knowing what it was and when I tried it again it threw the blade off the spindle that ended up having a piece of wood wedged in it (the pulley).

Somebody here told me it threw the blade because that spindle went out of time with the others and loosen the bolt. I bought the idea since it hasn't done it since.
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I changed the blades, problem gone. I dont understand why the blades that were on it made it vibrate. They are not bent and are in very good shape.
Earier this spring my 48 vibrated badly, after checking, I had installed one of the blades not totally set down against the cup. I took it off and reinstalled it and was good. Probably by installing the new blades you corrected it with out knowing.
I didn't think they could seat wrong , but they can:dunno:
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Howdy Guys,
I am thinking I may have the same problem as these folks. I purchased a LT155 from a guy that was selling it as it was his fathers and he had passed. Anywho I went thru and changed the oil and filter also the air filter spark plug and put two new tires on rear. I could not get the blades off as I am disabled and can not get on ground to do things anywho so i called my local John Deere shop and had them pick up my machine and put blades on grease it and also mount the front tires I had bought the fronts with 4 tubes one set had angled stems the others were straight. So mower comes back week and a half later and I go to cut my front lawn and it has a 38" deck but it was leaving a strip of grass in about the middle of the deck so it looked to me that they had put to short of a blades on it. I called them up and they came right out and picked it up the service tech said they must have put the mulching blades on by mistake. Now to me that does not sense why a mulching blade would not cut all the grass. anywho they said they would put the "right" blades this time. so I get a call couple days later that they were loading up my mower and would be delivering it within the hour well no one showed up I called them and was told that they had loaded the tractor and they had had an accident and the hood was broken on my tractor but not to worry they were ordering replacement parts at their cost and would have the tractor back to me by friday, Well they delivered the mower friday looked nice with the new side panels and was assured that it was all fixed so the guy booked before I could get on machine and check it out. It fired right up went to engage the deck and I thought it was coming out from under me it was shaking that violently so reduced idle and tried again did not seem to shake as much. so went to cut grass opened throttle for cutting and the deck was shaking pretty bad but at this point I figured mu be the way it is after all I sent it to a John Deere shop so ten minutes into my cut I make a left turn and the front right tire peels off the rim. stopped the tractor and rigged up a lift pulled rim off and I saw that the valve stem was ripped away from the tube the tire is tubeless but was advised to use a tube. So now I had to run up to walmart and have them put a valve stem in and set the bead got home and mowed rest of yard but the deck is still shaking. It did not shake like it is before with the old blades. At this point I do not know what to do, I still think they have the wrong blades or one is upside down or wrong side cause machine is not cutting like new blades. Anywho I do not think I have any trust in the John Deere shop that has had it twice.
Thanks for listening to my vent and please if you have a suggestion feel free,
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