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From the brain trust that brought you the hillbilly water tower, I give you this year's back yard project. We decided to make our fire pit more permanent so I was given the task of coming up with something that would look nice in a wooded setting and still make it so that we are not walking around in mud. I decided that, if we really wanted to do this right, then I was going to raise the level of the fire up so that nobody would have a sore back at the end of the evening. Got the patio stones on sale for $.99 each so I put those immediately around the fire to catch sparks. The rest is treated lumber attached to a frame that is simply setting on the ground. The pit itself is those fancy wall blocks that I actually mortered together in a ring. I then threw some old pieces of concrete and bricks in and then poured a top layer of concrete about 4" thick to put the fire on. I drilled a hole in the center so if any water gets in, it has some place to go. It trickles down the hole, through the loose concrete and seeps back into the ground. The ring is actually on a footer so it's quite solid. I have a cover for it so the only time I should have any water getting in is when I'm waiting for the fire to cool down and I can't cover it right away. So far it works like a charm. I found the bench design on the internet. They are HEAVY. The wind won't blow those away. You can make them any length so I made mine 5 feet long. They are quite comfortable. This project isn't complete yet. I still want to build a place to keep the firewood and a better way to string the lights other than nailing them to the trees. I want to put some stone around the outside as well to cut down on the mud even more. Really I'm just trying my new camera out here but I thought it would be good to see other projects. Might give me ideas.

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That looks real nice, but wouldn't work for me for two reasions.
1. I have moved my burn pit three times so far.
2. The folks that come over for the "bond fires" would end up tossing those benches in the pit once I ran out of wood.
I do like it though :fing32:
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