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Alright gang-

I have gone and got myself a Kubota B7100. I needed another tractor like a hole in the head, but since when am I too good for a free tractor? So I loaded the little beast up and brought it home.

The good:
1. Tires hold air
2. No leaks
3. Engine is free
4. Complete
5. Front Snow Blade

The Bad:
1. Sheet metal has been buggered- it was rolled over
2. Brake-side front wheel has a funny angle.
3. Fuel is only being delivered to one cylinder.

Here's the burning question: I have fuel coming out of the bleed screw on the injection pump, but no fuel out of two injector lines and a dribble out of the third. The fuel comes out of the bleed screw in pulses. So...where do we begin?

Thanks guys,


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I would start with a new fuel filter. They're pretty cheap. Put it in and crack the line or bleeder screw to purge the air, that way you know you have a good supply. Then I would try the bleeder screw on the pump again and see what you have.

After that, crack the lines at the injectors and see if the flow evens out.

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