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B7100 HST front axle U-joint question

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I split the Kubota this week and have a couple of questions maybe someone can answer.

One of my questions is the U-joint cover in the pic below when I removed it was full of 80/90 lube. There is no fill or drain for this and I assume you have to keep it lubed due to no grease zerk on it. Do you just pour lube down the neck of it after reinstalling it? It has a seal on the front and then the driveshaft tube seal on the rear and was not leaking before but I want to make sure the rear front axle seal is not bad and blowing the lube into the cover. I cannot find anything in the service manual about adding lube to it.

Second question: The large bellhousing seal is $41 and wondering if its purpose is to keep dust out of clutch housing?

Third question: Can you buy a clutch alignment tool? I am swapping flywheel and clutch assy's to new motor.

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Not yet, I am swapping some stuff on them and going to paint the new one grey. It has less than 400 hrs on it with over 400 lbs on each cyl. The oil pans are different so that is one of the first things I have to change. The seal for the oil pan is $25! I find that hard to believe but thats what K said. I have about every new seal/o-ring coming next week. I actually could use another engine stand and it would go faster.

I am changing all the fluids and cleaning strainers also. Long maint project but I know it will be right when done. I will problably make the bellhousing gasket just to keep dirt/water out.

1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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