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B7100 HST front axle U-joint question

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I split the Kubota this week and have a couple of questions maybe someone can answer.

One of my questions is the U-joint cover in the pic below when I removed it was full of 80/90 lube. There is no fill or drain for this and I assume you have to keep it lubed due to no grease zerk on it. Do you just pour lube down the neck of it after reinstalling it? It has a seal on the front and then the driveshaft tube seal on the rear and was not leaking before but I want to make sure the rear front axle seal is not bad and blowing the lube into the cover. I cannot find anything in the service manual about adding lube to it.

Second question: The large bellhousing seal is $41 and wondering if its purpose is to keep dust out of clutch housing?

Third question: Can you buy a clutch alignment tool? I am swapping flywheel and clutch assy's to new motor.

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#1, I dunno. Since it's sealed and theres no b=grease zerks you;d think haveing 80w90 in it would be benefitial. Odd that theres no mention in the service manual.

#2, probably dust, dirt, mud, water etc. They run these models in rice paddys where the water can get pretty deep.

#3, You might try one of those cheap universal slignment tools. I've seen them with different sized pilot bearing shafts but it's been awhile so I can't remember where.

You got that new engine bolted up yet?

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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