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B2630 seat replacement

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I didn't want to hijack the thread on the B3030 seat, so I'll ask here. What's a good replacement seat for the B2630? The one on it currently (stock) has arms, which I want, but it makes me feel as if I'm constantly leaning forward. I'd like one I could sit back in a bit. I bought a belly mower for the tractor toward the end of last season, so this is the first year I've been getting this much seat time, and it's becoming more of an issue. I read of a recall many years ago, but I'm guessing this one missed it (used 2005 model). Anyone have any experience with a nice aftermarket replacement?
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I can't remember if they have the mounts for the arms on the back (its on my dads mower) but I really like this seat . Are the arm rest removable on your current seat?
The arm rests on the current seat are bolted on. If there are bolting plates on the back of any of the aftermarket seats, it might work. It just seems like all the ones I've seen so far, don't accommodate the arm rests.
I'll check my dad's next time I'm over there. Worst case is you could get a cheap nut cert kit from harbor freight and add your own mounts for the arm rest, wouldn't be hard.
Just to update: I found the correct Kubota replacement seat on Ebay here:

Very different seat, and it has the armrest attachment points as well. I'll be installing it this afternoon, so we'll see how it goes.

For future reference, once the Ebay link goes dead, the part number is 6C200-45513.
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