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I just purchased a B1700 Kubota and I want to change all the fluids. The book stats that there is 4 drain plugs for the transmisssion, but it only tells you to take out one of them??? They state there is one on the front mission case, one by the lower pto shaft, and one on each side of the rear case just behind the filter. Should I take all out and drain? I know there is a strainer also on the Rt side of the tractor that should be taken out, anything else when switching out the trany fluid?

Also when changing the oil, and fuel filter, any thing special to look for, or any other maitenance things to change?

Thanks for all your help

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I've never serviced one so I'll have to defer to those that have.
It's odd that the manual would mention 4 drain plugs but only recommend to remove one? I would think that it would be the lowest one but since I'm not sure I'd probably either call or visit the local Kubota dealer for info. I'd also purchase the fluid there so as to motivate them to release the info :D

What to look for. Any milky substanse would indicate that water has gotten into the tranny/rear. Main cause would be due to sitting outside alot. As long as you get most if not all out I wouldn't sweat it.
Metal slivers in the strainer is normal for a new HST but not what you'd want to see in a broke in unit. Course three trains of thought could come into play should the strainer have alot of debris in it;
1) it's possible it hadn't been removed before and that debris has been in ther for quite a while.
2) it has been serviced before and theres a component wearing. If the HST works great I wouldn't sweat it too much but I'd probably do another fluid change in a yr to make sure theres no "new" debris.
3) an implement with debis in it was used on this tractor and the strainer did it's job in keeping it suspended and out of the internals. see #2 for recommendation.

Perhaps another with more knowledge on your model will happen along but if not, use your local Kubota dealer.
Good luck
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