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B/S 16hp simplicity 6216

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simplicity 6216 motor 402707
I have cleaned the fuel tank lines and carb. It wont run without messing with the choke and it wont idle down without stalling. I can rev it pretty good on the carb and the govener works but it wont run good all the time. It now wont restart with out shooting the carb with starting fuid. I can only see one adjustment on this carb and i have turned it all the in and out and it made no noticeable difference. My only thought is im missing a carb adjustment or i need to rebuild the fuel pump. Could it still rev up if the pump is bad? What would be the symptoms of a bad pump? Thanks for any help
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you could have a couple of things going on here.

The first and simplest test is to make sure you have spark at both coils.

Secondly if you do, make sure both cylinders are working. You can do this with a compression tester or simply by removing the plug wire to one cylinder at a time and starting the engine. NOTE... REMOVE WIRE BEFORE STARTING ENGINE.... if you pull off while running it could curl your hair! (ie shock you)

If this is all good remove the fuel line that goes from the fule pump to the carb and crank the engine over. You should have a continious flow of fuel. If you dont you may have a bad pump or you may have your hoses hooked up improperly

Look on your fuel pump closely and you will see that one of the inlets has an arrow by the barb..This is the FUEL INLET...your fuel line goes here.

The other will have a "P" this is where your vacum line goes. (The vacum is the hose that comes off the engine)

Make sure you have fresh fuel.

Let us know how this works for you..
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Believe there are three adjust screws, as facing the engine from the front, left for speed, center just below pump center, and left. Just had to "play" with my 6216 (1981 vintage, to get it from surging at idle. Pull up the carb adjust info, should help. P/M me and I can send you some info.
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