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B-10 mower question

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I got a 42 inch mower deck for my 64 Allis B-10. I can not find any spec on what sized belt goes from the PTO to the deck?

There are two pullies on the PTO. One small and one large. I have tried a 44 and 45 inch belt and can't seem to make it work?
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I believe it is a 44" belt.

You should be using the large pulley. The small pulley is for a sickle mower. Be sure to release the PTO tension spring with the lever below the rear axle on the left side for installation then re-engage tension spring for operation.

Some references are here for belt part #: REM OG knivoversigt.pdf

and here to translate part number to size:
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A '64 may not have the pto tension release...Im not sure if all were that way, but I have seen some (my Wards is that way). So, you may have to battle the spring tension. 44" is correct.
oh boy... How do you get a 44' belt on that big pully? It doesn't look like any of the pullies move or adjust to let the belt on?

It is just a matter of pulling REAL hard or is there a trick I need to know?
Look for the tension spring I described above. See if there is a release lever. If there is that should do the trick.
I got the 44 inch belt on and cut the back yard. The deck cuts very nice.

but then it started running rough, backfiring a bit, the choke cable was sticking and the choke wasn't working right, then something in the electrical started smoking behind the dash... then no run. push back to garage... more fun for tomorrow.
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