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Axle seal for 800/8000 G series?

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Does anyone have the seal P/N for the rear axle seal on a 816. I'm getting ready to install the rear PTO axle block and the bad seal I'm replacing was a metal housing but I'm looking for the newer mostly rubber seal used on the newer G series. Also does the rear PTO shaft that goes in the axle block always have alot of play front to back. The axle block measures 4" and the shaft measured between the washers and retaining clips is 4.25" so the shaft can move 1/4" front to rear. Is that normal or is something missing or worn out? Thanks Jason
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I bought a bunch of these recently from this seller:
$8.95? That is robbery.
The R20 used in my Gravely housing is an open bearing so the width is .375 not .500. On my housing either bearing will work as the snap ring is .500 inches from where the bearing sits.
I bought a few from Accurate some time ago. Likely not worth saving the 4 bucks if all you need is a single seal. I think I bought a dozen the last time I ordered them. I also ordered a bunch of other seals at the same time.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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