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Aussie Newbie

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Hiya all,

Just passing through. Being male I need to have have the latest gadget and some quick web searching has shown that Stihl blowers range in price a lot between countries.

Here in Australia a Stihl BG86 is $A499.

In the USA the same thing is about $US230.

Right now the Aussie dollar and US dollar are about one to one parity. So, it's time to buy a BG86 from the US via mail order. So, the same thing is just about twice the price here.

That's where the good times start. Stihl are very controlling over their products and don't allow things to be sold via mail order. To anywhere.

Finding a BG86 blower is easy enough. Finding someone that will send it to me in Oz is the challenge. The mission commences...

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