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I think those might churn up some gravel too..jusrt about ANY aggressive tread pattern will dig holes pretty easily..I hope to put some Dunlop KT869 ATV tires on my Suburban ,but I bet they'll do some excavation too if they spin..they look like a combination of an AG tread on the outer edges and a car snow tire zig-zag tread in the center..

Another thing I want to try is car snow tires with studs,I have a pair of 13" ones on 5 lug trailer rims that'll fit my tractor,I just need to get the center holes enlarged about 1/8"..those might be a better comprimise for you than chains..I dont have much trouble with chains digging up my lawn as long as I have ones with cross links on every 2 side chain links instead of the usual 4 side chain links..having more cross chains closer together seems to lessen the tendency to just dig a hole when the tires spin..

I see your location is MA?..if so,my sister lives there too!..:D

P.S. I just hit 3K!..posts that is,not the lottery,unfortunately..:(
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