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I put mini-quad ATV tires on my rider on the tandems and snow-blower tires on the front.

Here the thread if interested

I had a had time getting my tires to seat, I ended up having to use the rubber cement glue for tires to get them to seat properly and even then it was still a little bit of a challenge.

One thing I was considering was just filling them with foam, you can DIY or certain places can do it for you (Bobcat, etc).

With foam you can put as much in as you want to simulate your desired tire pressure. Simulating the tire pressure would be something I would let someone else do, I don't care for some of the ways I have heard to DIY.

I think the price I was quoted to have them done for me was between $7-$15 a tire (but then you never have to worry about a flat).

Hope you can find something that you can make work:goodl:
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