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Attachments- average going price?

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I know it is all about supply and demand, but I am trying to get an idea of what the "average" price of buying certain attachments are? Not counting deals, barn finds, etc... I am talking about someone who knows what is selling it.

for example, usually see a disk harrow going for 100-150, rear grader for around 150-200, etc.

The ones I REALLY want that I dont want to over pay for:

4000w Generator- been seeing people buy it around 300, is that about right?

Mid mount blade- seems to be easily 300+ . Sucks I was just talking to GT80 about this, I want one BAD.

Seeder planter- never really see them for sale

Earthcavator- 400-500?

Tote box- NO CLUE. would love one!

I know the loaders are a sellers market.
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