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I have the following CASE attachments that I am considering selling and would like to know their value.

H-26 3pt hitch

F-27 Sleeve Adapter

J-17 Hydraulic PTO

H-70 Rotary Tiller

I also have a Sears 3pt plow that I would like to know the value of.

All of the above items are in good shape.

Thanks, Darin

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Grabbed from another thread, posted by one the many helpful members here:

- PTO - $250.00

- H-26 3 pt hitch kit - $300.00 and up

- F-27 sleeve hitch adapter $100.00 and up

- H-70 tiller - $300.00 and up (I honestly consider this figure low, but its a regional thing)

On the plow, are you talking rear blade or moldboard plow? Moldboard, $75-150 depending on condition.
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