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My recent trip down memory lane rattled loose a few more thoughts about old lawn equipment that I remember using when I was a little kid. One being a Firestone riding mower that ended up being a go-kart for 5-ish year-old me when my dad broke the crankshaft.

On this same journey into my mental archives, I remember mowing with an old Atlas lawn mower that had a 2-cycle Power Products engine on it.

All I really remember was it said "Belaire" on the front, and was painted orange with a white engine. A search on Google yielded me very little info aside from an old print ad from the '60s for an "Atlas Aire" mower that vaguely resembled this one in deck design, but had a Briggs & Stratton (82000 series) engine on it.
I'm guessing since this one had a Power Products engine, that would make it a bit older. Just a guess.
Trying to date it, I can only compare it to my old 18" Craftsman mower that also had a Power Products engine. That one I've narrowed down to being in the 1954-1956 range. The Craftsman had what I've concluded to be an earlier design with a lower (PTO end) mechanical governor and a Tillotson float carburetor with a really weird vertical float.
The Atlas' engine had a mechanical governor located on the top of the engine underneath the flywheel and had a diaphragm carburetor. This makes me think it's a slightly later model.

I'd like to find more information on these mowers... Production dates, pics, etc.

I probably have an old snapshot of it in one of my parents photo albums somewhere that I could scan and post if I find one.

I remember mowing lots of grass with this mower, and aside from it being a little hard to push on bumpy lawns with its staggered wheel deck, non-pivoting handle and rather small wheels, it was a great little machine. Had a nice sound, smoked like crazy, and did a good job overall.
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