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at a loss please chime in

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ok the hh120 that had a bad knowck after piston and rings heres the lates
I tore it down pulled the piston pulled the crank pulled the cam all MIC out to spec. I did notice that it looked as if the mag on the flywheel was hitting the ssi ???? not sure how thats posible but could that be my knockin noise
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ok give me some pointers or bearing numbers if possible and do you change the races too or not im not a mechanical idiot but never gone this deep in a small motor engine is a 143.602022 12hp i know i need a bearing spreader and need to heat the new bearings but any other tips would be nice
Did you check the end play? Since it has roller bearings the end play should be zero to preload the bearings properly.

You'll need a bearing separator and puller to remove the bearings from the crank. You'll need a hot plate and a container of oil to heat the bearings for installation. You could always have a local machine shop do it for you...

The races don't necessarily need to be replaced, you can inspect them and if they look good you can reuse them. Otherwise you'll have to press or knock them out of the cover. New ones will need to pressed or hammered back in. I have a bearing and race driver kit that I use with a press or hammer.
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