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at a loss please chime in

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ok the hh120 that had a bad knowck after piston and rings heres the lates
I tore it down pulled the piston pulled the crank pulled the cam all MIC out to spec. I did notice that it looked as if the mag on the flywheel was hitting the ssi ???? not sure how thats posible but could that be my knockin noise
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Magnets can come loose from the flywheel and cause such problems..not very common though,but it can happen..excessive bearing play can let the crank get pulled upwards and let the flywheel contact the SSI armature sometimes too...some have J-B Welded the magnets back in sucessfully,but I wouldn't want to trust that with something spinning at 3600 rpms,if it ever let go,the results would not be pretty,and could be harmful to your health!..
I did glue my magnets back on, 6 of them, as they all came off. I have no fear they will come lose, they were only held on from the factory what looked like a super thin layer of either adhesive or double sided tape. I used JB weld and am not worried cause the JB weld is holding them in place, because they are a magnet, they stick themselves to the flywheel anyway.
Didn't some one do a rebuild recently had same issue, ended up being the wrong head gasket? piston was hitting the edge cause it was too small.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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