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Ariens S16H new engine

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Hi all
I have had some serious engine problems, since one of my beloved neighbors decided to run the tractor without oil for a while. well, the crankshaft jurnal, piston and cylinder was damaged. this is my only working tractor, so I stated the hunt for a similar engine (16Hp Kohler K341s) as I did not have the time to go through another rebuild right now. The ones I have found so far was in a poor condition. However I did find a nice 12Hp Kohler that use to sit in a Wheel horse c 125 aut., running great and the price was right, so that should be a easy swap.
eeh, the older gent insisted that I took the WH with me, otherwise no deal, so wife was not happy that day:hide: oh well, new project for the future:fing32:
Motor vehicle Vehicle Auto part Engine Car

sorry for the rotation of the pictures, looking right when clicking them though.
The installation went well, and the tractor was running again, doing the primary purpose, of moving. It was quite obvious that this engine was a bit small for the job, so, not to destroy this engine, and with the future restore of the Wheel Horse in mind, I start to look at new engines.
My budget is limited, so as much as I would like a new Kohler or Honda engine, it's a bit out of reach for the moment.
I found a offer for a China clone 22 Hp W-twin that could fit, for only 890€. So off we go with the swap.
New engine arrived:
Engine Auto part Motor vehicle Automotive engine part Vehicle

Engine Auto part Motor vehicle Automotive engine part Carburetor

Engine bay was prepaired
Formula libre Vehicle Motor vehicle Chassis Car

and the new engine was installed
Motor vehicle Vehicle Auto part Automotive tire Tire

Vehicle Auto part Engine Car Automotive exterior

The exhaust muffler is quite a monster compared to the old one, and sitting too high, so a small modification was needed,
Vehicle Automotive tire Tire Motor vehicle All-terrain vehicle

but managed to fit the side shields and hood back on.
Auto part Engine Vehicle Car Automotive engine part

Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle Tractor Automotive tire

Most important, the engine is super. it is running very smooth and quiet, and have a lot of power. no more stalling out in the high grass.:greendr:
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A few more pics of the tractor as it is now, again sorry for the rotation of the pics, I do not know how to fix this:
Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle Car Automotive tire

Machine tool Machine Transport Vehicle Milling

Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle Car Automotive tire

I decided to do something about the headlights, now when I was working on it anyway. I bought some LED bulbs H3 to install instead of the standards, also to save some power, as the new engine do not have the same 15 amp charge power as the old Kohler did.
Material property Beige Linens Metal

Light Lighting Sky Ceiling Room

Light Room Technology Electronics Automotive lighting

The light is much brighter, at a lower power consumption, so that is great:thThumbsU. Now prepared for winter duty.

Time will tell if this engine is worth the money, I have seen many negative reviews on this China clones, but with the proper care it should last some years:praying:
Can you provide the part numbers or the vendor you purchased your LED's from? I'd like to do something similar with mine someday.
And that is the reason you never ever loan any thing. Let the rental places make some money from people needing to short term need some thing and let them absorb the cost when slobs break stuff.

Some good neighbor you had to pay.
I must say I learned my lesson in this case, this thing never leave my property without me?
The led's were purchased by a company called ""

What did the new engine go for if u don't mind? Looks good I have a 22 Kohler V Twin believe there about $1,500-18 range.
Grand Sierra, the price tag on this one is 890€ I belive it's around 1000$, a similar Kohler would cost me 2500$.... And that would be a 18 hp. The import tax for this stuff is for some reason quite high over here.
The led's were purchased by a company called ""
Hey Tomas,

I found the lamps you purchased but what did you install them into? The lights on the tractor are sealed.

And great work on the engine swap! :thThumbsU

Hi Javelin 395,

Thanks for the comment :thThumbsU
Regarding the front light, I did modify those to accept the H3 bulbs, by installing the reflector assembly from a modern work lamp. I believe mine was from a Volvo mini loader, but any type would work.
You could look at my tread "Ariens s16h refresh" in the post 8#, from back when I got this tractor (sorry, I don't know how to post a link to that).
You also should be able to find those lamps with the LED already, which would make it easier:

Light Product Yellow Automotive lighting Headlamp

Tractor looks awesome! Great job on the swap!
Thankyou, and it works great too??
That looks great engine fab and lights. Nice tractor Tomas.
Thankyou Grand Sierra??
As said, it has been working like a champ pushing snow during the last snowfall, and before christmas carrying my chipper around, cleaning up after the storms.
Yellow Vehicle Construction equipment Machine Plant

It's handy when it sits on the palletforks??
Nice job on the engine swap. Looks like a factory fit. :thThumbsU

Pallet forks? On the three point hitch? Do you have any pics? Very interested!! Thanks!
Very Nice job on the swap what is it a clone of? I'm wondering if it's the same as this
Gillis.jim, yes I fabbed the pallet forks a few years ago, and it is the most handy tool I have for this tractor to move everything around on the property i.e firewood, mulch in bags, stones, fenceposts, the other tools and attatchments etc. ill make some pictures tomorrow.

rneal55555, I belive this engine is the same as the Predetor you have in Harbor fright, and I think it is a clone of the Honda ekvivalent. There is also a similar Kohler clone

Regards Tomas
Very good idea! I've seen them on fel's before but never on the 3ph. Pretty cool!! Can't wait to see them!
The pallet forks:
Made of 80 x 40 mm steel tubing and some other scrap pieces

Bicycle part Pipe Bumper Auto part Bicycle frame


Vehicle Bicycle part Bicycle frame Wheel

some how I mess it up when I upload the pictures, but it should turn the right way when you click on it :dunno:
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