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Ariens rider steering problem

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I have an Ariens riding mower...46" with the Kohler 20HP engine. Model no. 93603900/A20K46YT. It has developed an issue that is beyond me.

Wife was mowing and said the mower would not turn. Sure enough it looked like something had been hit with 1 wheel as the tires were cambered out

badly. No visible damage but looked like either bent spindles or bent drag link arms. Bought new drag links...same problem. Bought new

spindles...wait for it- wait for it..same problem. There is no adjustment and the steering column has no missing teeth, is lined up centered on

the steering plate. There is no way to slide the pivot point of the steering plate.

Any ideas?

Sorry if this is in the wrong guy. Thanks for any help or guidance.

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Cars and trucks are designed to have the wheels go pigon tied if a tie rod breaks that way you can get to the side of the road.

Sounds like your tractor is doing just that. What happens and what does it look like when you remove pressure from the front axels by jacking it up?
Only way to get the wheels to point as they should is to remove the drag links (tie rods). Replaced the old tie rods with new ones and it does the same thing.
Guess I'm not understanding your problem.

A picture would help.
Sorry if my description is a bit's over 104F outside so working on this is rough...

The problem showed up when we could not get the mower to go forward because both front wheels pointed outward. I replaced the spindles and the drag links(tie rods) and the wheels still point outward. I see no visible damage to the front axle. The steering plate which pivots on a spindle on the frame looks good. You can not point the wheels straight forward with the tie rods on. One will almost go straight and the other really points outward.

I will try to get a pic when it cools off...don't want my camera to melt. :)
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I just looked up a parts diagram on your tractor and the only other thing I can see that could affect the toe like that would be a bent front axle. Have you looked at that yet? It looks like a pretty straight forward setup, just like on mine.
Yep...turned out to be a bent front axle. Bummer. At least the part number referenced to a Sears part so I could pick the part up locally instead of having to pay shipping. Thanks for everyone's input.
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