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1988 GT20
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Thought it might be interesting to know what people have replaced on their Ariens GT series machines.
Looking back through my paperwork, here is what I have replaced on my purchased new 1988 GT20.

Replaced muffler
Replaced front tires 5 times
Replaced rear tires 3 times
Replaced battery 6 times
Replaced front PTO shaft bearings 3 times
Replaced front PTO belts 3 times
Replaced front PTO pulley
Replaced all hydraulic hoses
Replaced power steering piston O rings 8 times
Replaced ignition switch 2 times
Replaced front PTO switch 2 times
Replaced rear PTO switch
Replaced relays
Replaced rear PTO bearings
Replaced fuel tank cap 5 times
Replaced fuel filter 12 times
Replaced air filter 6 times
Replaced spark plugs 6 times
Replaced transmission selector cable 3 times
Rebuilt steering box
Replaced steering wheel
Replaced rear tire chains 2 times
Replaced headlights 2 times then converted to LED
Replaced taillight lenses 5 times then converted to LED
Replaced mower deck
Replaced mower blades 2 times

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Front PTO belts more time than I can keep track of.
Ignition switch once.repaired twice.
All hydrolic hoses.
Front and rear tires once.
Rebuilt the front end twice.
Shaft fan once and needs it again.
Flywheel once.
Front crankshaft seal once.
Gas cap once.
Spark plugs, fuel filter once.
Air filter and precleaner 10 times.

I need to make a list of what needs to be replaced before mowing season.
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