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ariens gt pto rpm

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hi there i have a ariens gt 17 was hoping someone could tell me what the rpms are at the front pto looking to build loader for same tractor but must purchase a hydrolic pto pump for the front can any one help not sure of pump size needed and there apear to be a million different kinds thank you for any help carpentershovel
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I have an S16H Ariens with a loader that I built for it. I got the plans from PF Engineering at- Great set of plans with all the material lists and detailed drawings.

The pump that I used for mine, I got through Northern Tool, here's a link to it-
This one is only 3.0 GPM, mine is 4.0GPM. The 3 GPM pump will probably work just fine. The 4 GPM pump is in the catalog, the item number for it is- 10567-1201. Sorry, but I don't know the RPM of the pto.

It is a great pump and has worked flawlessly since I built the loader in 2009.

Here is a picture of mine. If you need any help with attaching it to the tractor or any other questions just ask, and I can send you some pictures.

A link to a video of my loader on youtube-

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The front and rear PTO's are electrically clutched @ 3250 RPM.
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