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That's right, it's that time of year again folks. Break out the five layer bean dip because the football season is nearly upon us. With every new football season comes a new appreciation guessed it, lawn care! It's hard to find a better maintained lawn than a NFL football field. The amount of preparation that goes into keeping that field in playing shape might surprise you.

"NFL Fields are mowed a minimum of three times per week and often as many as five times depending on game and practice schedules." "Mowing promotes a healthy, dense playing surface, and it avoids post-mowing clumps from being left behind. These clumps not only smother the grass and block necessary sunlight from the turf plants, but they also can become tripping hazards during play."

We here at Lawn Pro Tires appreciate the job these lawn care professionals provide.


We know the players certainly do....


If you want to keep your lawn looking like a pro visit
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