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i have that same generator. got it because we lost power for 15 days in a snow storm fall 2011.

started first pull i believe from brand new. it comes with oil in it (but still check). ran pretty good. after about 5 hours i changed the oil which looked like a milk shake. then ran it another 25ish hours until the power came back. im going to change the oil for next power outage.

it ran better than i expected from a newer briggs. because the other new briggs i have had an experience with was terrible. my neighbors mower is a 6.75hp OHV briggs and it would not start back up after getting hot. i did everything including lapp and adjust the valve lash but its so much harder to diagnose and fix problems on the newer engines because they are so cheap and there is too much plastic.

took that POS 6.75 briggs OHV off and put a 6hp briggs flathead on and its a great mower now.

i assume the crapped out OHV briggs just passed its "expiration date". time to throw out and get a new one. the older flathead that took its place is 23 years old and runs better than that OHV piece of crap ever did.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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