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i have that same generator. got it because we lost power for 15 days in a snow storm fall 2011.
:swow: 15 days?!? Wow, you have my sympathies. We were out (in northern MA, on NH border) for 2 days in the October '11 storm. I had a generator this time, though it's not yet wired into the house. But at least we had heat, lights, and water. We lost power for 3 days in the ice storm in '08, hence buying the generator afterwards. That was a dark & cold 3 days. But we still had it a better than a lot of people in that storm.

I've seen that Storm Responder generator in HD. Noticed it not long after I got my used 5500W Generac, was admittedly jealous of the high startup wattage (mine is 6750, I think), and the weatherproof outlets seemed like a good idea. I remember reading a bit about your seal troubles with the Subaru engine. Sorry to hear it continued to be a problem, but hopefully this one will be solid and reliable for you.

I've seen a fair bit of mention of the Subaru engines. I'll admit I know nothing about them, and was surprised to see Subaru's name on a generator engine in Lowes. But they appear to have a very good reputation, though perhaps lacking in brand-recognition to the general public/me. I presume the Briggs Vanguard engines are still highly-regarded, at least? I seem to recall that Briggs doesn't actually make those, though.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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