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Ohio Valley Ag is proud to offer APACHE, one of the most widely used and trusted names in agricultural sprayers. With our selection of APACHE sprayers, you are sure to notice the superior difference of APACHE. Our models include:

APACHE Sprayers AS 720
APACHE Sprayers AS 1020
APACHE Sprayers AS 1220
APACHE Sprayers AS 1020 & 1220 Plus II

The torque-converted mechanical drive will give you the first indication that an APACHE sprayer is very different. APACHE owners achieve 50% better fuel efficiency, significantly less soil compaction, easy maintenance, and a quieter, smoother ride compared to Hydrostats. Through the simplicity of the APACHE drive train, APACHE sprayers make comfort and profitability a reality.

The patented hydraulic suspension of the APACHE sprayer is another notable difference that sets APACHE apart from other agricultural sprayers. The combination of the APACHE hydraulic suspension and the powerful mechanical drive allows operators to accelerate from any gear without tearing up the field. This is possible because the APACHE is designed to multiply gear torque up to two times when needed to handle rough terrain and muddy conditions, and it has a limited slip differential, which kicks in to provide extra traction. Another unique feature of the APACHE suspension system is the anti-sway and auto-leveling design. This technology keeps booms out of the dirt on tight turns, whether the tank low or full.

The legendary reliability, simplicity, and efficiency of APACHE sprayers are the benefits delivered by the one-two punch of the APACHE’s patented suspension and mechanical drive. Safe operation results from the superior visibility the operator has from the custom cab. An intuitive joy-stick control provides the APACHE operator of any experience level with a comfortable ride. The pressurized custom cab assures a quiet ride during many hours of spraying.


Maneuvering up hills, through wet fields, over ruts, bumps and ridges, APACHE sprayers take you where others don’t. The APACHE operates using a torque converted transmission combined with all-gear, mechanical drive. Take off in any gear range and multiply engine torque up to two times when needed for hilly terrain.

Without the complex lines, pumps and problems of hydrostatic drives, APACHE sprayers allow you to benefit from virtually trouble-free operation. You’ll enjoy fewer repairs, lower maintenance costs and less downtime. Your APACHE sprayer will pay for itself quicker than any other unit available, and it is backed by an industry leading five-year limited warranty.


The newly modeled and smartly appointed custom cab reflects the excellence of APACHE innovation. Comfortable, quiet and designed with well-thought-out details, this is a space that is truly equipped for the operator. Productivity-increasing features inside and out, and fatigue-reducing ergonomic controls combine to create an exceptional work environment.

The Apache offers the best ride in the industry due to its patented hydraulic suspension in the front and rear. The hydraulic suspension also has an anti-sway feature designed to keep the axle and frame parallel when making sharp turns, keeping the boom level and out of the dirt. The APACHE also features automatic leveling to adjust for varying weight in the tank, allowing for the same superior ride whether the tank is full or empty.


With its newest line, APACHE has pushed the envelope of sprayer potential. Each model has a powerful engine ranging from 155 hp to 275 hp, with either a 4-speed or 6-speed, torque-converted Powershift transmission. APACHE had rethought, updated and refined the inner workings of their sprayers, from the hydraulic, fuel and cooling systems to the upgraded chemical inductor and exhaust system. The ultimate result is a new standard in sprayer performance, defined by the successful culmination of these engineering achievements.


The ultimate balance of functionality and style, the command control center makes the whole APACHE sprayer as easy to use as it is attractive. Designed by growers for growers, the newest models offer operators a better cab design for easier access to simple maintenance tasks, and a superior way to get work done. The new APACHE models have truly reinvented the ride while increasing visibility to your rows.

APACHE sprayers bring you the simplicity of an all-gear drive along with the innovation of a hydraulic suspension. This is sprayer performance taken to an all-new level.

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