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Anyone X300 Experts Around Madison, WI

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Good Day to All,

Last year my wife and I purchased a used John Deere X300. I have been using it for mowing and snow blowing.

There are questions I have and some "upgrades" I would like to investigate installing. Speaking with someone and having them possibly assist me in these areas would be great.

I live less than an hour north of Madison, WI. So if there are any X300 experts in the area, please contact me.

Thank you,
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There's a whole ton of X300 experts in Horicon, less than 50 miles ENE of Madison. Probably about the same distance east of you, LOL. That's where the X300 is built.

What kind of "upgrades" do you have in mind? Plenty of people here that own X3's, and lots more that have help to offer.
Ok, here's the list (in no real order -- well maybe)

1) The steering is loses, have done some searching online but wanted to confirm if there is an issue

2) The unit came with a baggier and after using it now for over a year, I believe it's not the model for the X300. Would like to have some suggestions on how to correct some issues with the system. The mower deck is just 38" so no power unit is involved.

3) The unit has just under 500 hours on it, SOOOOOOO what about the K46 tranny. Should I change the oil (it might have never been done) or upgrade to a K66? The lawn I have is small and flat but looking at the long term and reduce maintenance.

4) I purchased a used pull behind dethatcher and plugger and after using them one time the urge to install a power lift on both is strong. I see there is an open/un-used power line on on the fuse box and would like direction on using it to power the lifts, a suggested power plug, and parts needed for the lifts on other units. Suggestions on where to install the lifters and all that fun stuff.

5) last would be just an over all assessment and suggestions of the unit in general.

6) Is there any great options I could install to take the mower to the next level. I know this is a general statement but my understanding is that the X300 is an X500 at a frame level.

That is what I's be looking at.
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Sounds like you just need a slightly bigger machine; by the time you spend to add the lift, swap the tranny, fix the steering (if it needs fixing), you could sell it and buy a nicely treated bigger machine, like an X5-something, or an older GT235/245, or even a 318 that's been restored.
Thank you for the quick reply KHodges;

Thought about this path but:

1) Would need to replace the snow blower attachment with one that would work on the new/use tractor

2) Getting a different tracker would not resolve the urge for a power lift on the dethatcher and plugger units.

3) Then the whole selling thing would be time consuming also.

This then leads down the path of keeping the X300 and either living with the upgrade bug or undertaking one upgrade/fix at a time.
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Mine had about 800 hours when it was passed down to me by a neighbor.

The steering sector gear ran me about $50 or so and was fairly easy to replace.

Dropping the transaxle, draining, refilling and reinstalling took me a day or two, mainly because I'd never done anything similar. The labor itself was simple, but the blue gasket-in-a-tube wanted 24 hours to cure/seal before adding the oil.
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Thank you for the reply Obscured_by_Clouds;

I have downloaded step-by-step instructions (with pictures too) on the process of changing the oil in the K46. Sounds like it should take 2-3 hours (except time to drain the oil).

Do you have part number you swapped out for the steering?
Your snow blower attachment will easily transfer to any of the X500 series tractors.
The X300 is quite limited with that K46 for sure.
I would almost try and find a good used X500 something and cut losses on the X300.
Also is the addition of power steering and power deck lift with the right model.
Theres quite a bit of goodies for attachments on them as well.
Just look around before making a decision.
Check out Tractor data here: - John Deere lawn tractors sorted by model
Good place for research.
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Do you have part number you swapped out for the steering?
Not off hand no, but it's not hard to find on the JD Parts site.

Note, the old one was two pieces. The gear bolted to the cross bar. The new one I got was a single piece with the gear welded to the bar. At the time I was told this was a change and the individual parts were no longer available. Not sure what year or serial number range the change took place, so yours may be either version.
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