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Anyone recognize this part?

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This is the second one I've found...this one shot out from the mower deck the other day. Anyone know if this is off my 2025R?


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Do you have a material collection system on you machine? If so, looks like part of a baffle that's mounted on the under side of the deck.
I do not but that's a good thought. I would think if it was that it would be dirtier than it is...both parts when I found them were relatively clean, like they hadn't been on the machine at all, however some of metal looks like it was bent which makes me believe otherwise.
Just a hunch, could be part of a mulching kit - 62C deck calls P/N BM21890 as the mulching kit.

With steel parts today often not being of the gauge of yesteryear, it's conceivable to run over a large object that turned out to be mostly immovable/immutable - in which case the mulching kit loses the fight and breaks apart...overdue to remove the deck and inspect the underbelly!

not to worry, nothing time, effort, and maybe $209 won't solve

let us know the outcome of what you find on the dark side of the deck
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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