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Anyone know what this is for??? X730.

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Anyone know what this is for??? X730.
Recently picked up a 2018 X730 and noticed this electrical connector hanging between the front wheels.
Anyone know what tool or attachment it would connect to? Switched or unswitched? Amps available ?
Curiosity is driving me crazy. I am a bit of a Rube and I might be able to repurpose it if I knew more about it.
John Deere manuals, literature and website have been no help except to acknowledge it as part of the wiring harness, part #2.
The harness illustration describes it as:
Part Number 57M7257

I appreciate any and all replys


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That is for the PTO sensor (Hall effect). It works in conjunction with the RIO and snow blower/broom, It there to keep the tractor running when those are in use and your are backing up. Look under the PTO front drive extension kit for it.

2000 rpm mid-to-front PTO kit, 2WD
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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