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Well guys, got 'er home today, and just got in from wrestling the blower off, what a POS the mount is for THAT. Anyhow, it does run after a fashion, it's dirty, needs some work here and there, but engine sound good, some questions:

Do these have an auto compression release? Doesn't seem to have much just turning by hand, but sound good, and pulls good (down the alley) in high gear/ high range, bout took me off the seat Clutch is stiff but seems to hold good.

NO idea yet about condition of PTO.

How about manuals. good place (Efray?) to get them? Any particular seller good? If I get a service manual, do I need the owner/ operator manual?

Turns out the headlights were a "field modification" Someone just hacked holes in the front and put some tractor lamps in there. Didn't do a particularly good job on the holes. I may have to put some screening over them for appearance, but it's not a thing of beauty.

I don't know if the generator works, there isn't an ammeter (yet)
For a 102:
owenr's manual :

Service manual:
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